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Veterinary Allergy Elimination Testing

Veterinary Allergy Elimination Testing (V.A.E.T.) offers an energy-medicine technique to reprogram the immune system to eliminate allergies. ln order for you to fully understand what VAET is, we would like to ask that you visit the following website and read and explore the articles about VAET. Website:

What is an Allergy?

An ALLERGY is anything, including environmental substances, food or nutrients, and even emotions that weaken the immune system.

Testing for allergies/weakness:

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) or Kinesiology is used to confirm the presence of allergic reactivity. Dr. Rice will be using the pet owner's human body's electrical system as the intermediary. We will isolate one muscle to consistently test on the human by creating a "circle" using the thumb and first finger on the dominant hand to pull apart.

Follow-up treatments:

The treatment phase consists of stimulation of the spinal nerves of the human intermediary. While maintaining contact with the animal and the identified allergen, acupressure is applied to specific points along the spine of the human intermediary. This triggers the nervous system into a fresh response to the allergen. This is an actual reprogramming of the nervous system so the allergen is no longer perceived as an irritant and is non-reactive.

Depending on which substance an animal has been treated for, there may be a 24 hour abstinence period. ln order for the nervous system to fully integrate the new message being sent about a previously perceived allergy, complete abstinence from that item must be observed until each energy pathway has received the new information.

Possible responses:

Animal patients will rarely achieve resolution in a single treatment. Multiple treatments may be required over a period of weeks. lt is often seen that conditions do not fully resolve until every single item from the original "allergy" list has been cleared.

  • initial worsening of conditions
  • discharge cleansing via: stool, urine, respiration and/or skin
  • Iethargy or tiredness
  • cyclical waves of ups and downs

Final note:

A.E.T. (Allergy Elmination Testing) is a simple non-invasive procedure that is a step by step process requiring that the animal patient, the human caretaker and veterinary practitioner work together to achieve total cure. This cannot be done in only one visit. Patience and persistence is a necessity. Please make at least 4-5 appointments at two week intervals to continue the allergy elimination treatment. After all, you don't clear allergies conventionally with just one allergy shot.