The Visiting Vet - Acupuncture (AP)

AP has been around 3000-5000 years. The first needles were sharpened sticks, stones and bones. lt has a high positive response and minimal side effects. AP allows the body to work at its own healing by unblocking and rebalancing rather that suppressing, which drives the problem deeper.

How does AP work - from the Western/conventional perspective?

When needles are inserted into the skin, blood flow increases to that area which speeds healing. The body's anti-inflammatory chemicals are released in that area providing local relief of discomfort. Needles decrease muscle spasms, and allow the body's pain relievers called endorphins to be released from the brain.

From the Eastern/alternative perspective:

Dis-ease is an imbalance in the body's energy. Energy flows along pathways called meridians. lf there is an imbalance, there is a disruption of energy flow which can lead to illness or pain. The goal of AP is to re-establish balance, energy and harmony restoring health and allowing the body to heal itself.


How many appointments and how often before results are seen?

I ask clients for a minimum of 3 consecutive appointments 1-2 weeks apart. lf we see absolutely no change the patient may be a non-responder. Most patients show some type of a response which allows us to increase time between appointments. The goal is to find a "maintenance" timing of 2-6 months.

Do needles hurt?

Dogs typically tolerate the needles well. Needles placed near painful joints may require a gentle distraction. Many dogs often give a big sigh, relax and lie still. Cats are different. They accept the needles, but are not always thrilled to sit still as long as I might like.


Do you sedate animals for AP?

Rarely. My preference is to give enough time and patience to calmly work through "layers" of treatment. I start with my fingertips doing acupressure. I may next work those same points with a cold laser. When the animal is ready I place needles.


What conditions benefit from AP?

Arthritis, muscle spasms and soreness, disc problems, skin allergies, epilepsy, kidney and liver problems, cancer support, digestive issues and more may benefits from AP. I often receive calls for acupuncture because animals are unable to tolerate pharmaceuticals for their conditions.

Can you combine Eastern and Western medicine?

I rarely halt any medications that a new patient is on. I use whatever combination benefit the animal's body.


Final thought....

With chronic, long standing lifetime conditions---it took a long time to get to the current place of severe imbalance. lt may take multiple AP sessions to reverse or re-balance the body to a place of improvement. During this time the bodv may get worse before it gets better.