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Philosophy of Practice

Keep an open mind and watch the results...

I hold the caregiver's opinions and feelings in high regard. My goal is to create a "team" using Relationship Centered Care where you, the caregiver, play a large role in choosing the direction of care for your pet. You know your animal and observe them 24/7. You are the advocate for your pet. I want to give enough time to hear your observations, answer your questions and teach you as much as possible. I recognize the unique role your pet plays in your life - they are a willing source of empathy and support. I wish to support that animal-human bond. Rather than telling you what to do, I prefer to share pros and cons of all options before making a recommendation. I believe in collaborative decision making. My job is to teach you as much as I can so you can make an informed decision that works best for you and your pet.

Relationship centered care is not for everyone -- some people truly prefer to be told what to do. By going through this process you will become a more well informed and empowered caregiver.